Why Ultrasound Probe Traceability is Important!

Compliance and Security


One of the common deficiencies identified from on-site audits is a lack of high level disinfection (HLD) documentation for traceability, which makes it difficult to track the use of the equipment on a specific patient, complicating the patient notification process when an outbreak occurs.

Adequate documentation for reprocessing ultrasound probes helps you with:

  • Recall of compromised items
  • Investigations – Outbreaks
  • Legal requirements
Traceability Guidelines in Ultrasound

Best Practice in Ultrasound Probe Traceability Guidelines & Standards

The optional ultrasound probe traceability solution links the patient ID to various probe HLD records used during the patient’s examination.

Digitally secure traceability system can help facilities meet compliance and accreditation during audits

Further helping to eliminate missing information that can often occur during manual processes

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