King’s Fertility London Select Hypernova Chronos for its Innovative Technology in Ultrasound Probe High Level Disinfection

King’s Fertility London Best Clinical Practice

King’s Fertility London have Chosen Hypernova Chronos for Ultrasound Probe High Level Disinfection, for use in Theatre and their clinic ultrasound rooms.

Dr Ippokratis Sarris, Director of King’s Fertility, said “We selected Hypernova Chronos based on its innovative technology, and because the system is chemical-free. It is also easy to use and has a short disinfection cycle, making it ideal for a busy fertility centre like ours. In addition, it is rigorously tested against high-risk cancer strains of Human Papillomavirus that provides extra safety to our patients.”

King’s Fertility is defined by decades of experience, world-renowned research, and the most innovative technology.

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