HOW Chronos HLD
Technology Works

Chronos UV-C high level disinfection technology is leading the way in chemical free and ultrafast automated high level disinfection for reprocessing ultrasound probes.

How the technology works

Chronos technology works by delivering UV-C high level disinfection (HLD) as light particles and waves reflected from the chamber walls ensures that there is proper illumination and efficient exposure on the probe surfaces that removes surface shadowing.

UV-C HLD energy of the photons penetrates the cell walls of microorganisms’ Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses, Mycobacteria and Spores

UV-C HLD energy is absorbed by DNA, RNA and the proteins leaving them enable to perform cellular functions and replication therefore destroying them

Since the Chronos system is chemical free it is fully mobile within the department as there is no need for special ventilation rooms as staff are not exposed to:

hazardous fumes

chemical burns,

no extra cost for special ventilation

chemical spill kits

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