Advance Digital Traceability System For Ultrasound Probes

PROUV® simplifies traceability with a user-friendly touchscreen, linking patients and ultrasound probes to create unique traceability records.

PROUV is designed to be used with Germitec’s HLD systems – Hypernova Chronos and Antigermix E1.

Benefits of PROUV®

  • Removes human error by allowing operators to only select ultrasound probes that have been disinfected.
  • It replaces the need for paper labels, plastic probe identification covers and paper logbooks, freeing up space that would otherwise be required to store such items.
  • Infection Preventionists and Managers can review or download the unique traceability records with ease through PROUV’s user-friendly touchscreen.


Compliance and Security

PROUV® provides a new level of compliance and security for advanced digital traceability, ensuring quality health outcomes and improving workflow efficiency when using ultrasound.


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