Key Benefits of Chronos®

Chronos® is leading the way in chemical free and ultrafast automated high level disinfection for reprocessing ultrasound probes.

When seconds count, Chronos® delivers a




solution that reduces cross-infection risk, for seamless Ultrasound High Level Disinfection (HLD)


Chronos® ultrafast 90 seconds HLD cycle time, streamlines clinical workflows to drastically reduce time and costs


Chronos faster clinical workflows are extremely efficient in quickly disinfecting ultrasound probes between patients to maximise availability of probes, for staff and patient examinations.1

“Speed, simplicity, efficacy. It means everything! Thanks to this speed process I multiplied by 5 the number of vaginal ultrasounds performed daily. I am extremely satisfied by the system. I have waited a long time for a solution of this kind, today I could not work without it!”

Dr. Clabeau, Gynecologist European Hospital Georges Pompidou

Chronos® Streamlines Clinical Workflows: Cleaning and Disinfecting ultrasound probes between patients within 101secs. 4

While other  HLD Systems can Take Significant Longer in Cleaning, Disinfecting and Rinsing/Drying, with multiple glove changes, between patients.1,4

Chrono’s Automated Verification System replaces the manual process of checking chemical indicators and test strips.

  • This breakthrough technology consists of a monitoring and an independent control system.

The monitoring system consists of two photodiodes that continually measure the UV-C dose to operate the disinfection cycle to ensure High Level Disinfection efficacy is achieved. This takes approximately 90 seconds.

An Independent control system validates the disinfection cycle based on the UV-C dose measurements of a third photodiode, declaring the disinfection cycle completed “CYCLE OK”.

The Automated verification system operates similar to Parametric Release

  • providing extra reassurance and saves time in automatically validating every disinfection cycle.


Chronos® simple “one button” process to activate HLD improves compliance and audit readiness

Fully automated with one push button process versus multiple steps ensures a reproducible disinfection cycle every time. Thus, reduces operator error and improves compliance

  • Simple plug and play design that minimising staff interaction and training requirements
  • All that is needed is an electrical connection as there are NO other running costs
  • No added cost in purchasing, storing, and handling consumables.
  • Disinfects probe, handle and cable section
  • Chronos is mobile within departments which is ideal for POCUS to support quick diagnosis and management

Traceability for Ultrasound Disinfection


Chronos traceability system electronically captures and stores data on Chronos during the disinfection cycle.

Data Access

Germitrac® is an interface that visually displays all disinfection records through a web browser

Data can be easily accessed via a computer or hospital network linked to the Chronos. 

Provides users with numerous functionalities:

  • Disinfection Cycles – View and Filter Data
  • Disinfection Comments Field
  • Print and download report
  • View tickets

Integrated – with the hospital network

Automated through a third-party software accessing Germitrac API web services to retrieve disinfection data and link it to a patient record, for example Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Patient Record (EPR)


Chronos® is pioneering UV-C High Level Disinfection (HLD) as the first chemical free system. It has been proven to be effective against an extended range of clinically pathogens, including native human papillomavirus (HPV), providing extra patient safety in reducing cross-infection risks.2,3


Chronos technology works by delivering UV-C high level disinfection (HLD) as light particles and waves reflected from the chamber walls ensures that there is proper illumination and efficient exposure on the probe surfaces

UV-C HLD energy of the photons penetrates the cell walls of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses, mycobacteria and spores), which is absorbed by DNA, RNA and the proteins leaving them unable to perform cellular functions and replication therefore destroying them

Independent Microbicidal Efficacy

Chronos microbial efficacy has been independently tested and complies with testing requirements set by different regulators.

Click: Microbial Efficacy Results

Chronos is the only system proven to kill high-risk HPV both in vitro and in clinical use.2-3

Non-Corrosive and Compatible with Your Ultrasound Probes

Chronos is compatible with many leading ultrasound probe manufacturers, supported by extensive probe compatibility testing.

“It is safer for patients because we do not use corrosive chemicals anymore…

It is the less corrosive HLD technique. Before UV HLD, our probe’s shelf life was very short. Last year for example we had to buy 4 or 5 vaginal ultrasound probes. Since UV, we practically use one probe only.”

Pierre Leger, Head of Biomedical Department and Edith Gumbeau, nurse, Foundation St. Joseph, Marseille

An easy probe loading and unloading mechanism reduces wear and tear on probe cable caused by cable clamps.

Chemical Free

Safeguards staff and patients by avoiding hazardous chemicals, fumes, and spills.

No chemical residuals are left on the probe after disinfection, protecting the operator and patient from chemical burns (hand or face).

Providing an environmentally friendly examination room that is ideal for point of care ultrasound (POCUS). 

An extensive summary of all the benefits Chronos Offers in 90 seconds


What to Consider in Selecting a High Level Disinfection System for Ultrasound Probes

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Chronos® Awarded the Prestigious Prix Galien Award for excellence in scientific innovation that improves the human condition globally

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  1. Johnson et al., Evaluation of a Hydrogen Peroxide-Based System for High-Level Disinfection of Vaginal Ultrasound Probes, Journal of Ultrasound Medicine, 32:1799-804, 2013.

  2. Meyers J, Ryndock E, Conway MJ, Meyers C, Robison R. Susceptibility of high-risk human papillomavirus type 16 to clinical disinfectants. J Antimicrob Chemother. 2014;69(6):1546-50

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