Chronos Compared to Chlorine Dioxide Wipe System

A prospective survey study was used to determine the time-effectiveness and convenience of transvaginal ultrasound probe disinfection using Chronos UVC HLD vs chlorine dioxide multistep wipe system.1

Dr Christopher Kyriacou, Clinical Research Fellow in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at, Imperial College Hospital, London, in this webinar presents the research findings from a study that compares the Chronos UVC HLD system to Chlorine Dioxide multistep wipe system.

Dr Kyriacou concludes:

  • 98% of Healthcare Professionals found Chronos UVC HLD easier to use and preferred system of choice.
  • Chronos is 60% faster than Chloride Dioxide wipes in the time it takes to complete HLD process (cycle) per patient
  • Chronos saves a total time of 55 min 45 secs – allowing 3 extra patients to be examined based on a 4-hour ultrasound list of 15 patients,

The webinar Q&A provides further insights about the study



Study Conclusion – Highlights

Chronos UVC HLD Demonstration

Dr Kyriacou, provides a demonstration of how Chronos UV-C HLD system was utilised in the research study to clean, disinfect, and trace a transvaginal probe in the examination room.

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  1. C. Kyriacou, et al.  (2022) Time-effectiveness and convenience of transvaginal ultrasound probe disinfection using ultraviolet vs chlorine dioxide multistep wipe system: prospective survey study.
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