Antigermix® E1

AE1 is leading the way in chemical free and ultrafast automated high level disinfection for reprocessing transoesophageal echocardiography transducers (TEE. TOE) and non-lumen ENT endoscopes.

AE1 delivers a




solution that reduces cross-infection risk, for seamless High Level Disinfection.
Whilst improving patient care


AE1 is probe compatible and chemical free

Probe Compatible

  • UV-C HLD energy is probe compatible
  • Many leading ultrasound probe manufacturers have approved the use of AE1
  • Extensive probe compatibility testing.
  • Easy probe loading and unloading mechanism reduces wear and tear on probe cable
  • Non-Corrosive to Probe cables
Antigermix E1 Germitec

Chemical Free

  • Safeguards staff and patients by avoiding hazardous chemicals, fumes, and spills.
  • No chemical residuals are left on the probe after disinfection, protecting the operator and patient from chemical burns (hand or face) 1-2


Streamlines clinical workflows with an ultrafast 180 seconds HLD cycle time plus digital tracking makes compliance easy.

Streamline Workflows

AE1 streamlines clinical workflows to maximise patient throughput, whilst maintaining the quality of patient care.

This is achievable through:

  • Simple plug and play design that minimising staff interaction and training requirements
  • Ultrafast automated 180 seconds cycle time
  • Single cycle disinfection of the probe and handle3
  • Automated verification system

Automated Monitoring System

  • The monitoring system consists of two photodiodes that continuously measure the UV-C dose to operate the disinfection cycle to ensure High Level Disinfection efficacy is achieved.
  • This takes approximately 180 seconds.

AE1 Traceability System

The tracking system links the probe ID to the cycle data and parameters measured (temperature, UVC dose, etc.). All tracking data is stored in Antigermix E1 system.

Germitrac® software offers to the user different functionalities for managing data (filters, printing …).

The digital disinfection records can be manually linked to a patient profile.

Data Access

The data cycle record can be accessed from any connected computer and without the need to install any software.


AE1 delivers UV-C HLD to inactivate microorganisms and proven effective
through independent Microbicidal Efficacy testing to reduce infection risk

UV-C HLD Technology

AE1 technology works by delivering UV-C high level disinfection (HLD) as light particles and waves reflected from the chamber walls ensures that there is proper illumination and efficient exposure on the probe surfaces3.

UV-C HLD energy of the photons penetrates the cell walls of microorganisms destroying them

  • bacteria,
  • fungi,
  • viruses,
  • mycobacteria
  • spores

An Extensive Summary of all the Benefits AE1 Offers in 180 seconds

  1. Steven Venticinque and Robert O’Connell, Chemical Burn Injury Secondary to Intraoperative Transesophageal Echocardiography Article in Anesthesia & Analgesia 97(5):1260-1 · November 2003 DOI: 10.1213/01.ANE.0000083641.58267.0C · Source: PubMed
  2. Tomoya Irie, Norikazu Miura, Itsuro Sato, Masayuki Okamura, Noriyuki Echigo, Takahisa Goto; The Occurrence of Injury and Black Denaturalization of the Lips, Tongue, and Pharynx Because of Phtharal Use for Disinfection of Transesophageal Echocardiographic Equipment and Establishment of a Safe Disinfection Method. Published:January 24, 2012DOI:
  3. Antigermix E1 is an automaton performing a High Level Disinfection including sporicidal action on Transoesophageal and Endocavitary ultrasound transducers and ENT scopes without operator channel. The AE1 achieves HLD on all surfaces that are accessible for cleaning

Antigermix® E1
Safe. Simple. Effective.
For Seamless HLD

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